Demolition with Jake Gyllenhaal – Is His Hair Good Enough?

Today I saw a new clip from Demolition – one of these films with Jake Gyllenhaal we are all waiting for and yet, worrying that it will turn out to be something like Southpaw – the film I’m trying to forget about even though I never saw it. It might be the case that there is a correlation between Jake Gyllenhaal’s hair and the quality of movies he’s in. But before we get to it, here is the clip from Demolition:

It’s cute and nihilistic and it has this cool editing where people seem to be talking for long periods of time (because the scene jumps into the next one without the topic being changed). I don’t know if it’s happening in the present or in the past or in the future even, but whatever it is – it does work cooly.

Overall, Demolition looks good. I saw a trailer. The only concern I had was lack of clear direction towards which the film was going. But maybe, I thought, maybe some films don’t need a plot. I know a lot of good ones that don’t follow the traditional story patterns and instead, focus on the character’s development. And since, Demolition talks about grief and loss, maybe this is exactly what the director intended – to reveal the whole story, so we go to the cinema only to learn about its character.

I trust Jake Gyllenhaal or should I say, in Jake Gyllenhaal I trust. As an actor, he never disappoints, no matter how small of a task he gets and rarely does he get a small task.

However, there is one thing I noticed and it’s not necessarily always true, but in 80% of cases it seems to be – his hairstyle tends to determine the quality of the movie he starrs in. And not to panic – his hair is short in Demolition. Southpaw short.

Of course, rarely does Jake Gyllenhaal have verybad hair, however, sometimes his hair is perfect-hall and special, other times it’s only pretending to be long. It’s longish or long on the top, but on the side…it doesn’t promise a good movie.

Whenever his hair is fresh-shave-hair and lacking personality, the edginess of the Hall, it seems the film tends to suffer, too. For example, Love and Other Drugs the total rubbish has Jake Gyllenhaal looking like a Calvin Klein model:

the sides are messed-up. Too short. Rotten Tomatoes rating? 49%

With Rendition, another film which scored only 47%, Jake Gyllenhaal is Nick Carter. It’s bad. It’s really bad

And then, there’s Accidental Love. Still can’t believe this film came out last year.

This hair though, it never gave it a chance:

it’s a strong 7% hair.

So, I worry. I worry that Demolition will be a bad film, but I’m not going to be guided by American critics and am patiently waiting for the UK release, later this month. For now, let’s enjoy the clips while they’re lacking context.