It’s Been a While

It’s been nearly a month since my last post and a lot of things have been happening, which I decided to ignore. Yes, I missed some good posters and some wonderful trailers came out, too, but I had a lot of other things to do and Midnight Review just had to wait a while.

But since you’ve waited, I’m here to offer you something new in the New Year.

Regularity has definitely not been my strongest side, but you can’t say I’m not consistent. In the last five years of this blog I have developed a certain interest which I’ve been developing and sharing with you along the way. Because of this I have decided to make some radical steps and focus only on those things which I truly feel passionate about. Which means two things really:

There will be books

There will be less reviews

When it comes to film reviews, there’s really nothing new I can give you. There are better blogs out there doing what I have been trying to do for a while and I’m very happy to recommend you some reading if you are interested. But something I haven’t found out so much about are trailers and poster reviews. Yes, there are some YouTube channels that do trailers reviews, although these days we’re talking more about reaction videos, but really, apart from an ingenious post from the Shiznit, there’s not enough said in this area. So I decided to spend even more time reviewing the posters and this year, I will also review some trailers. Furthermore, I want to invite you to my instagram account, where I post book covers quite often. I will do the same here because although I have little to do myself with visual arts, covers and posters is just something I find extremely pleasing to my heart.

There will be also books. I don’t think I will review them much, but I will definitely discuss some of them here. I’ve been a reader for a long time now and although, I read slowly, I also read deeply, so sometimes an interesting thought or two come to my head. It might be worth checking it out.

What I’m also planning on doing more is my Top 12 lists. It has been quite difficult to do the long lists, because to be honest with you, I hardly remember any film plots, so when I write lists such as “Top Movie Villains”, etc, I can only come up with the last ten films I saw, otherwise I just pointlessly waste my time on IMDb trying to grab onto any list there is. So they will be a little different from what they used to be.

Also, the original intention of this blog was to post things at Midnight and finally, I will do so. I wonder how many of you will be awake then. According to Hans Ulrich Obrist – a lot.

Thanks for waiting, all of you, who have. And as for now, Here I present you two of my favourite movie posters of this year in no particular order. I hope you’ll enjoy them:


I guess I’m sucker for red.