Reasons why you should have marquee hire for your wedding

As you read this, you probably do not know what to choose between having a traditional venue for your wedding versus having a marquee hire for your wedding. Here are a few reasons why marquee weddings are better than traditional ones. By the end of it all, you will love the idea in general.

The privilege of choosing your venue: for a successful wedding, all you need is some space. That is readily available in many homes, be it at your parents or even a place you recently acquired. However, for those without space, many marquee sites mushrooming lately come in handy. Most of these Marquees get set up in areas where there are spectacular backgrounds. Furthermore, with adequate catering hire, you get to spend the whole weekend with friends and family to your fill.

Uniqueness: since no marquees are permanent, that means they have to be set up every time a need arises. As such, at no one time, will a marquee setting be similar to another. With personalized decorations, the deal does not get any better.

The up-close feel of the environment: as mentioned, most marquees come with an added advantage of having various features of nature in the surrounding. Be it by the beachside, in the countryside or even at home. Thus, combating boredom and giving the venue a fresh feel. In particular, frame marquees offer the best views as they come with windows and some even have transparent roofs.

Customizability: when that plain canvas gets to your venue, the rest is up to you. The theme, colors, and lighting get done according to your specifications and ability. Classic, vintage, country, and beach are some of the styles you can choose from just to mention but a few.

Flexibility on the number of guests: unlike traditional settings, marquees are quite spacious. Furthermore, you have the advantage of getting to pick the size according to the number of expected guests. Even if you happened to underestimate the number of guests, a few re-arrangements would create space to hold more.

Budget flexibility: when it comes to marquee hire, chair hire, tables and other relevant furniture get hired according to one’s needs. For instance, you can hire a few large tables surrounded by several chairs. Nonetheless, if you are well off financially, more tables and fewer chairs could do but at a cost. The bottom line is that you hire everything according to your economic status.

You get a caterer of your choosing: catering hire is upon you in marquee weddings unlike in traditional settings where everything gets done for you. Therefore, you have the chance to order the kind of meals you want. Better still, they get prepared to your specification.

Elastic schedules: as you might have noted, most marquee weddings go until late or extend to the next day. You get to design your timetable without unnecessary limitations.