The propaganda game

I had been expecting to see an eye-opening documentary about the country everyone heard about and yet nobody knows anything of.
I had not been expecting one of the scariest films I’ve seen since…hell, I don’t know.
The Propaganda Game is impossible to compare to.

The Propaganda Game is a documentary directed by Alvaro Longoria – the creator of another film I will definitely watch soon. Alvaro goes to North Korea with the intention of discovering the truth about it. What does he mean by truth (originally)? Well, everything that doesn’t come from the mouth of media. What does he consider lies? Here it gets tricky. Longorio isn’t quite sure if what he hears is completely untrue.

North Korea is presented in Western Media as the most oppressed country in the world. Not only does it hurt its own people by putting them in an inhumane system ruled by a godlike dictator, but also it is a danger to the rest us. Its weapons, its soldiers and the scale of propaganda its people are subjected to makes it a target of ongoing discussion. The problem is, hardly anyone has access to it, so hardly anyone can say what is really going on.

Longoria gets an opportunity to visit the country,but as he goes deeper into the system or rather what he sees as such, the further he gets from discovering what the truth is.

The process of seeing is the key to understand the Propaganda Game. If to see is to believe than here it means the total opposite. The longer we look, the more unreal what we see seems. At the end, we leave just like Longoria does.

The Propaganda Game is extremely difficult to write about. It just has to be seen to be believed.