Eating out in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire – my top picks

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We love eating out as a family whenever it is someone’s birthday or if it has been a busy day with work and I do not have time to cook. Sometimes it is simply a case of a quick trip to the local Wetherspoons or Greene King pub, others we book somewhere nice because we have planned in advance to eat out.

Choosing where to eat, our family preferences

As I am a vegetarian my favourite places tend to offer more than a basic veggie burger or jacket potato and do something a bit more special. I enjoy having a decent choice, and silly as it sounds, I like food that is vegetarian but not vegan sometimes. You may be wondering why but this is because I like cheese, normal cheese not vegan cheese!

Another consideration when we eat out is to consider Ben’s allergies. This generally means we prefer either large chains with comprehensive allergy menus or places that follow their own recipes and as such know what is in every meal. Ben is allergic to sesame, cinnamon and peanuts to our knowledge. We are pretty sure about the cinnamon but the others we are unsure until he has had more testing.

Due to allergies, I find that I easily lose trust in a venue if the staff are unclear on ingredients or unhelpful in checking. After all, it can mean life or death so it is critical they can be honest!

Eating out in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire – our family favourites

The places we love most in the Mansfield area are a bit different and not chains so if you are visiting the area these are places I highly recommend you visit too.

No. 5 Bistro – great for a date night as a couple but also great for a family meal with older children. Whilst younger children are very welcome I think you would prefer it more without them as they do amazing cocktails! If you are planning to eat there do decide your designated driver before you arrive (and try to aim for it not being you!) so those not driving can enjoy cocktails! Saying that however, they do some lovely mocktails too! We have found they great with allergies and flexible to try adapting anything to suit, for example, they didn’t offer a Pina Colada mocktail but when I asked they concocted one for Ben for his birthday so he was overjoyed!

Larch Farm – this is outside Mansfield and not far from Newstead Abbey so perfect for a day out at the same time. They have a lovely desserts cabinet, fresh fish daily and generally lovely cooked meals. As they make all food on-site they are great with allergies too. It is a nice small pub with a real homely feel about it.

Bella Vita – Outside of Mansfield in Ollerton this is a lovely Italian I would highly recommend. It is small so I think booking is probably needed but very worth doing so. It isn’t far from Rufford Country park and Sherwood Forest so if you fancy something more substantial than a picnic I would definitely recommend giving them a try.

Obviously, there are lots of chains in Mansfield too but these are my favourite independent eateries I think you really need to try! Let me know if you have a favourite I have missed!

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